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Beranda » Cable » JMF SR8 (SR4) speaker cables line

JMF SR8 (SR4) speaker cables line

Ditambahkan pada: 7 December 2017 / Kategori: ,
Kode : SR8
Berat : 1000 gram
Stok : Ready Stock (2 pcs)
Dilihat : 582 kali
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Deskripsi JMF SR8 (SR4) speaker cables line

JMF SR8 (SR4) speaker cables line

The development of the SR4 and SR8 speaker cables started soon after the launch of the new JMF Audio’s product line. Indeed between our HQS power amplifiers and our HPM speakers, there had to be an ultra qualitative link. JMF Audio already proposed the extraordinary CM4 modulation cable, so clients expected an extraordinary speaker cable from JMF Audio.

As explained in the presentation section of this web site, the type and the purity of the materials and their associations for sound neutrality has been the second point of research of Jean-Marie Fusilier back in the 80’s. Indeed his main activities were in high frequency electronics, in which field engineers pay great attention to materials and shields for proper signal propagation and signal integrity. We started with the SR4 speaker cable and ended up with the extraordinary SR8 reference, featuring twice as much conductors section and an extremely low impedance, which is required for a loss-less link.

The SR4 and SR8 are built in-house by JMF Audio. The conductors are made of highly pure long crystals. The construction is totally symmetrical as always with JMF Audio’s designs. The whole cable assembly requires very precise conductors and shield placement for optimal sound result.

Compared to other hi-end or professional cables, the SR8 provides a sweet natural and homogeneous sound, which means a great accuracy of timbres and an exceptional coherent deep and wide 3D soundstage. Instruments of an orchestra appear at the right place and sound natural. The SR8 cable is immune to the microphonic effects (vibrations) and electromagnetic interferences that are both responsible for sound blurring (i.e. dynamics compression, harshness, soundstage reduction, resonances).

It has to be noted that some cables manufacturers have made their reputation on providing magic-box featured cables; most of them showing variable impedance and corrupting signal phase. Some say it is necessary in order to to cope with common systems problems. We believe these are wrong solutions. Precision as seen by JMF Audio has proven superiority to any tweakings when it comes to true musicality.

The SR8 cables provide a matched link between JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers and HPM speakers. Moreover the JMF Audio’s specific LSS terminals are used at both ends (LSS loss less dia. 6mm PGP gold terminals – 120A current rated). However the concept is not exclusive ; the SR4 and SR8 cables have linked JMF Audio HQS power amplifiers to a good number of other speakers at client’s places with great results.

Although the SR8 has become the JMF Audio reference, we decided to upgrade the SR4 speaker cable to make it a light variant of the SR8. It is referenced as SR4B. As opposed to the SR8 that features JMF Audio LSS specific terminals, the SR4B features standard fork terminals.


Key features :

–  PLC pure long crystal, specific to JMF Audio
–  XQD symmetrical design specific to JMF Audio (SR8)
–  TSD specific JMF Audio shielding technique
–  NAS neutral solder made to measure for JMF Audio (solder of conductors and shields to connectors)
–  LSS loss less JMF Audio diameter 6mm terminals (120A reated), specific PGP gold, exclusively for SR8

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