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Beranda » Amplifier » JMF Audio HQS6002 Stereo Power Amplifier

JMF Audio HQS6002 Stereo Power Amplifier

Ditambahkan pada: 20 February 2017 / Kategori: ,
Kode : AMP-09
Berat : 15000 gram
Stok : Ready Stock (2 pcs)
Dilihat : 1.325 kali
Review : Belum ada review
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Deskripsi JMF Audio HQS6002 Stereo Power Amplifier

JMF Audio HQS6002 Stereo Power Amplifier


Key features:

– RPS ultra stable power supplies. Specifically made to measure capacitors and toroidal transformers.
– LDA ultra linear and direct amplification structure featuring only three stages (featuring PGP gold).
– DCS servo, direct coupling, no capacitor link on the amplification path.
– DPO direct output design: naturally stable amplification design requiring no output self!
– MTP output stage: multiple transistors, individually controlled, 330A capability for HQS9001!

– TRB temperature regulated circuits (with quick thermal stabilization starting from revision C)
– PGP specific gold plated analog audio boards (LDA amplification an MTP output stage).

– SCD sealed case design (no dust can enter), passive cooling (option silent heatsink cooling fan)

– Ultra low noise floor (and cross talk on stereo version).

– LSS made to measure dia. 6mm output terminals (120A rated!) with specific PGP gold
– Automatic detection and protection against input offset, too high frequency, high temperature, overload.
– Vu meter for input signal magnitude monitoring, dynamics 18dB (except for HQS1050).
– Standby mode allows control of the input signal (front panel meters) before application to the speakers.
– Hand wired, soldered and mounted. Drastic control and selection of all components.

– All models feature the same voltage gain, which definitely facilitates multi amplifiers setups (active setups).

– All power amplifiers are upgradable to the last revision (starting from the new series, new chassis).

Output Power RMS :

HQS6002 250W / 8Ω 450W / 4Ω 550W / 2Ω


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