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Beranda » Earthquake » Earthquake Supernova MKVII-15P

Earthquake Supernova MKVII-15P

Ditambahkan pada: 14 February 2017 / Kategori: ,
Limited Edition
Kode : SUB-007
Berat : 20000 gram
Stok : Ready Stock (2 pcs)
Dilihat : 1.038 kali
Review : Belum ada review
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Deskripsi Earthquake Supernova MKVII-15P

Supernova MKVII – Designed and Engineered to go Beyond the Norm of Perfection
The Supernova MKVII (Mark 7) Series epitomizes the state-of-the-art in subwoofer design. The MKVII series is uncompromised performance and superior technology coupled with the world’s most refined low frequency response. The MKVII is designed and engineered to go beyond the norm of perfection.
With more patented technologies and test awards than any other subwoofer, the MKVII continues the legacy of the legendary MKVI and MKV series. MKVII differs from its predecessors with the introduction of the unique cabinet that was specifically curved to reduce internal resonance and diffraction, allowing the MKVII to delivery crisper bass and even more accurate response.
If you dream of uncompromising LFE performance with superb dynamics and effectiveness, combined with quick and precise articulation, the MKVII is the obvious choice. The MKVII can effortlessly produce the lower octaves in a high-end stereo setup or add explosive LFE effects in large surround sound systems.

Full DSP for total control
Several manufacturers have some type of room correction built into their subwoofers. Most are based on level adjustment by volume which is a very simple equalization function. EQ does not address the listening room’s phase and time related difficulties. MKVII has genuine room correction which takes into account reflections, refractions, arrival and EQ. This complete DSP solution ensures optimum acoustic integration in any room.

Unlimited power surplus
MKVII’s brute force springs from the newly developed IQ600 class J amplifier. The patented Class J technology manifests a quantum leap in amplifier technology. The revolutionary aspect of Class J is its ability to combine a high efficiency of 99% with extraordinary bass control. Class J is an evolution on PWM technology that combines advanced multi-level feedback with an intelligent controller. It modulates the supply voltage and output switching frequency in real time based on the frequency and amplitude content of the input signal. This added level of intelligence to the amplifier offers several obvious advantages such as increased thermal headroom through the amplifier’s optimum energy use, dramatically improved bass response and dynamic power capabilities. This results in a harder audible impact that adds a drive to the sound normally experienced only at live concerts. This combined with superb articulation; nuances and details are reproduced by the MKVII, but overlooked by traditional subwoofers.

Real specs
The patented technologies combined with a dramatically oversized power supply make the IQ600 amplifier capable of delivering raw quantities of continuous power. The power supply is based on a rigid silicon-steel hard-wound low regulation 750VA toroidal transformer. The large and heavy transformer ensures a stable supply without voltage drop even at rigorous and continuous operation. The IQ600 amplifier provides 1200 watts continuously for unlimited time at 18 dB crest factor and 600 watts TSP (True Sine Wave Power). This is real performance power the amplifier can deliver and a power the woofer driver is engineered to withstand and utilize.


    • Patented SLAPS (Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System)
    • 1200 Watts dynamic power
    • 600 Watts continuous power
    • Earthquake class J amplifier
    • Frequency Response: 14-120 Hz
    • Manual on / off switch
    • Auto on / off switch
    • IR input
    • Crossover with bypass switch
    • Subsonic filter
    • Phase delay
    • Phase switch
    • Manual channel 1 and 2 gain adjustment
    • Full and advanced room correction
    • RCA inputs
    • Balanced XLR inputs
    • High gloss piano black lacquer finish


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